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Powerful VMware 5V0-23.20 Exam Study Materials

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The 5V0-23.20 exam is a 62-item exam, with a passing score of 300 using a scaled method. The exam time is 125 minutes.

Product: VMware vSphere with Tanzu
Associated Certification: VMware Certified Specialist – vSphere with Tanzu 2022

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VMware 5V0-23.20 free dumps questions to help you pass:

Q1 – New

How do Tanzu Kubemetes clusters communicate with Storage Policy Based Management to request

A. Through a proxy VM
B. Directly with vCenter Server and the underlying ESXi hosts
C. Through the Supervisor Cluster
D. Directlywith the vCenter Server

Correct Answer: A

Q2 – New

A developer is connecting to a Tanzu Kubernetes Cluster using the kubectl sphere login command
Which information must be specified, in addition to both the name of the cluster and the Supervisor Cluster Control Wane IP?

A. The path to the existing kubeconfig file and the SSO Username
B. The path to the existing kubeconfig file and the Token D for the SSO credentials
C. The name of the Supervisor Namespace and the Token ID for the SSO credentials
D. The name of the Supervisor Namespace and the SSO Username

Correct Answer: B

Q3 – New

The network topology for a Supervisor Cluster deployed using the vSphere networking stack, and an HAProxy load balancer is being planned. In addition to the control plane management IP range and services P range, how many nonoverlapping P address ranges are needed?

A. 3
B. 1
C. 4
D. 2

Correct Answer: B

Q4 – New

Which value must be increased or decreased to horizontally scale a Tanzu Kubernetes cluster?

A. Namespaces
B. etc instance
C. Worker node count
D. ReplicaSets

Correct Answer: C

Q5 – New

On which cluster can a Supervisor Namespace be created?
A. A Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated cluster
B. A vSphere 7 clusters enabled with Workload Management
C. A Tanzu Kubernetes cluster
D. A vSphere 6.7 clusters enabled with Workload Management

Correct Answer: C

Q6 – New

A company needs to provide global visibility and consistent policy management across multiple Tanzu Kubernetes Clusters, namespaces, and clouds Which VMware solution will meet these requirements\’?

A. vSphere with Tanzu Supervisor Cluster
B. vCenter Server
C. Tanzu Mission Control
D. Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Service

Correct Answer: A

Q7 – New

The application development team is pushing a Kubernetes application into production. It consists of an application server and a database. The team wants to ensure that only the production application server can access the production database.

Can the development team meet this requirement using Kubernetes Network Policy?

A. Yes, by using kubect1 to create a Network Policy that only allows pods on the same network segment
to talk to each other.
B. Yes. by logging in to NSX Manager and creating firewall rules to only allow the production application server pod to talk to the database
C. Yes, by using kubect1 to create a policy that disables pod-to-pod communication in the Namespace
D. No, Kubernetes Network Policy does not support this action.

Correct Answer: A

Q8 – New

Which command should be used by a developer to log in to the vSphere with Tanzu Supervisor Cluster?
A. vmwarectl login –server- –vsphere-username
B. kubectl vsphere login –server= –vsphereusername
C. vmwarectl vsphere login –server– –vsphereusername
D. kubectl login –server= –vsphere-username

Correct Answer: B

Q9 – New

Which requirement is valid for vSphere with Tanzu on the vSphere Distributed Switch Network?

A. Workload networks that are routable to the primary workload network
B. HAProxy Virtual Server IP range that is allocated to NSX-T edge router external interface
C. Network Interface Cards with Single Root IO Visualization Support (SR-IOV)
D. HAProxy Frontend interface that has a common subnet and bridged interface to workload networks

Correct Answer: B

Q10 – New

Which two considerations need to be made when deciding on a virtual machine class type during the process of creating a Tanzu Kubernetes cluster? (Choose two )

A. Whether the resources provided by the virtual machine class type should be reserved on the host
B. The configuration parameters that need to be edited in the cluster
C. The amount of CPU. memory, and storage the virtual machine should have
D. Connectivity between the Tanzu Kubernetes cluster and the Subscribed Content Library
E. The storage classes which need to be made available to the cluster

Correct Answer: CD

Q11 – New

Which step in vSphere with Tanzu enablement using the vSphere Distributed Switch process is done prior to using the Workload Management Enablement Wizard?

A. Deploy the load balancer
B. Choose the Kubernetes content library that should be used in the Supervisor Cluster
C. Define the Primary workload network P range
D. Define the Management network interfaces for the Supervisor Cluster

Correct Answer: D

Q12 – New

Which two capabilities are associated with vSphere Pod? (Choose two.)

A. Compatibility with vSphere vMotion
B. Compatibility with vSphere performance charts
C. Compatibility with NSX-V Datacenter
D. Compatibility with vSphere HA and DRS
E. Compatibility with Windows and Linux kernels

Correct Answer: CD

Q13 – New

How does Kubernetes implement the vSphere storage policy in vSphere with Tanzi?

A. Storage class
B. Paravirtual CSl
C. Static Persistent Volume
D. Persistent Volume

Correct Answer: D


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