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Learn Cisco 300-715 Exam

This exam tests your knowledge of Cisco Identify Services Engine.

300-715 SISE
Certifications: CCNP Security, Cisco Certified Specialist – Security Identity Management Implementation
Duration: 90 minutes
Available languages: English, Japanese

Master Cisco 300-715 Exam Skills

  • Architecture and deployment
  • Policy enforcement
  • Web Auth and guest services
  • Profiler
  • BYOD
  • Endpoint compliance
  • Network access device administration

Study Cisco Certified Network Professional Security 300-715 Online Questions

During BYOD flow, from where does a Microsoft Windows PC download the Network Setup Assistant?
A. Cisco App Store
B. Microsoft App Store
C. Cisco ISE directly
D. Native OTA functionality
Correct Answer: C

What is needed to configure wireless guest access on the network?
A. endpoint already profiled in ISE
B. WEBAUTH ACL for redirection
C. valid user account in Active Directory
D. Captive Portal Bypass turned on
Correct Answer: D

In addition to the CLI, what is another option to manage a Cisco IPS?
B. Cisco SDM
C. Cisco IDM
D. Cisco ISE
Correct Answer: D

Which two events trigger a CoA for an endpoint when CoA is enabled globally for ReAuth? (Choose two.)
A. endpoint marked as lost in My Devices Portal
B. addition of endpoint to My Devices Portal
C. endpoint profile transition from to Apple-iPhone
D. endpoint profile transition from Unknown to Windows 10-Workstation
E. updating of endpoint dACL.
Correct Answer: CD

Which default endpoint identity group does an endpoint that does not match any profile in Cisco ISE become a member
A. Endpoint
B. unknown
C. blacklist
D. white list
E. profiled
Correct Answer: B
If you do not have a matching profiling policy, you can assign an unknown profiling policy. The endpoint is therefore
profiled as Unknown. The endpoint that does not match any profile is grouped within the Unknown identity group. The
endpoint profiled to the Unknown profile requires that you create a profile with an attribute or a set of attributes collected
for that endpoint.

Which protocol must be allowed for a BYOD device to access the BYOD portal?
Correct Answer: D

If a user reports a device lost or stolen, which portal should be used to prevent the device from accessing the network
while still providing information about why the device is blocked?
A. Client Provisioning
B. Guest
D. Blacklist
Correct Answer: D
The Blacklist identity group is system generated and maintained by ISE to prevent access to lost or stolen devices. In
this design guide, two authorization profiles are used to enforce the permissions for wireless and wired devices within
the Blacklist:
Blackhole WiFi Access
Blackhole Wired Access

Which term refers to an endpoint agent that tries to join an 802 1X-enabled network?
A. EAP server
B. supplicant
C. client
D. authenticator
Correct Answer: D

Which port does cisco ISE use for native supplicant provisioning of a windows computer?
A. TCP/UDP 8905
B. TCP 8443
C. TCP/UDP 8909
D. TCP 443
Correct Answer: C
TCP: 80, 8443 (web or Cisco NAC agent installation) Note TCP port 8443 is enabled by default, configurable, and
corresponds to Guest configuration TCP: 8905 (Cisco NAC agent update) TCP: 8909 and UDP: 8909 (web, Cisco NAC
Agent, supplicant provisioning wizard installation)

What is the purpose of the ip http server command on a switch?
A. It enables the https server for users for web authentication
B. It enables MAB authentication on the switch
C. It enables the switch to redirect users for web authentication.
D. It enables dot1x authentication on the switch.
Correct Answer: C

Which configuration is required in the Cisco ISE authentication policy to allow Central Web Authentication?
A. MAB and if user not found, continue
B. MAB and if authentication failed, continue
C. Dot1x and if user not found, continue
D. Dot1x and if authentication failed, continue
Correct Answer: A

Which advanced option within a WLAN must be enabled to trigger Central Web Authentication for Wireless users on
AireOS controller?
A. DHCP server
B. static IP tunneling
C. override Interface ACL
D. AAA override
Correct Answer: D

Which portal is used to customize the settings for a user to log in and download the compliance module?
A. Client Profiling
B. Client Endpoint
C. Client Provisioning
D. Client Guest
Correct Answer: C

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Cisco Certified Network Associate 200-301 Dumps Questions Sharing

Cisco Certified Network Associate 200-301 Practice Question 1-13

An interface has been configured with the access list that is shown below.

Certificationpdf 200-301 exam questions-q1

On the basis of that access list, drag each information packet on the left to the appropriate category on the right.
Select and Place:

Certificationpdf 200-301 exam questions-q2

Correct Answer:

Certificationpdf 200-301 exam questions-q2-2

Which two capabilities of Cisco DNA Center make it more extensible? (Choose two.)
A. REST APIs that allow for external applications to interact natively with Cisco DNA Center
B. adapters that support all families of Cisco IOS Software
C. SDKs that support interaction with third-party network equipment
D. modular design that is upgradable as needed
E. customized versions for small, medium, and large enterprises
Correct Answer: AC

Which option best describes an API?
A. A contract that describes how various components communicate and exchange data with each other.
B. an architectural style (versus a protocol) for designing applications;
C. a stateless client-server model
D. request a certain type of data by specifying the URL path that models the data
Correct Answer: A

How does HSRP provide first hop redundancy?
A. It load-balances Layer 2 traffic along the path by flooding traffic out all interfaces configured with the same VLAN.
B. It uses a shared virtual MAC and a virtual IP address to a group of routers that serve as the default gateway for hosts
on a LAN.
C. It forwards multiple packets to the same destination over different routed links in the data path.
D. It load-balances traffic by assigning the same metric value to more than one route to the same destination in the IP
routing table.
Correct Answer: B

Which statement about static and dynamic routes is true?
A. Dynamic routes are manually configured by a network administrator, while static routes are automatically learned and
adjusted by a routing protocol.
B. Static routes are manually configured by a network administrator, while dynamic routes are automatically learned and
adjusted by a routing protocol.
C. Static routes tell the router how to forward packets to networks that are not directly connected, while dynamic routes
tell the router how to forward packets to networks that are directly connected.
D. Dynamic routes tell the router how to forward packets to networks that are not directly connected, while static routes
tell the router how to forward packets to networks that are directly connected.
Correct Answer: B

Drag and drop the network protocols from the left onto the correct transport services on the right.
Certificationpdf 200-301 exam questions-q6

Which two values or settings must be entered when configuring a new WLAN in the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller
GUI? (Choose two.)
A. QoS settings
B. IP address of one or more access points
D. profile name
E. management interface settings
Correct Answer: CD

Refer to the exhibit.

Certificationpdf 200-301 exam questions-q8

An engineer configured NAT translations and has verified that the configuration is correct.
Which IP address is the source IP?
Correct Answer: C

What is a benefit of using a Cisco Wireless LAN Controller?
A. It eliminates the need to configure each access point individually.
B. Central AP management requires more complex configurations.
C. Unique SSIDs cannot use the same authentication method.
D. It supports autonomous and lightweight APs.
Correct Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. Which two statements about the network environment of router R1 must be true? (Choose two.)

Certificationpdf 200-301 exam questions-q10

A. there are 20 different network masks within the network
B. A static default route to was defined
C. Ten routes are equally load-balanced between Te0/1/0.100 and Te0/2/0.100
D. The network was learned via external EIGRP
E. The EIGRP administrative distance was manually changed from 90 to 170
Correct Answer: AC

Refer to the exhibit.

Certificationpdf 200-301 exam questions-q11

A frame on VLAN 1 on switch S1 is sent to switch S2 where the frame is received on VLAN 2. What causes this
A. trunk mode mismatches
B. allowing only VLAN 2 on the destination
C. native VLAN mismatches
D. VLANs that do not correspond to a unique IP subnet
Correct Answer: C
Untagged frames are encapsulated with the native VLAN. In this case, the native VLANs are different so although S1
will tag it as VLAN 1 it will be received by S2.

Which command prevents passwords from being stored in the configuration as plain text on a router or switch?
A. enable secret
B. enable password
C. service password-encryption
D. username cisco password encrypt
Correct Answer: C


Certificationpdf 200-301 exam questions-q13

Refer to the exhibit.
Which two statements about the interface that generated the output are true? (Choose two.)
A. Two secure MAC address are manually configured on the interface.
B. A syslog message is generated when the maximum number of secure MAC addresses is on the interface.
C. The interface is error -disabled.
D. The interface dynamic ally learned two secure MAC addresses.
E. An SNMP trap is generated when the maximum number of secure MAC addresses is reached on the interface.
Correct Answer: DE

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