Pass the VMware 1V0-81.20 exam (advice and tips from everyone’s experience)

1V0-81.20 exam

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When using VMware Carbon Black Live Response, what command will show all active processes?

A. dir
B. list
C. ls
D. ps


Which two are true about a VMware Service-defined Firewall? (Choose two.)

A. A firewall that allows you to use 3rd party features like IDS/IPS, threat protection, anti-bot, and anti-virus solutions
B. A firewall that blocks external access into your internal network based on IP services
C. A firewall that enforces policy for North-South traffic
D. A firewall that is auto-scalable as new workloads are deployed
E. A firewall that provides East-West protection between internal applications


Which VMware Carbon Black Cloud function allows an administrator to remotely run commands on protected

A. Live Query
B. Alert Triage
C. Investigate
D. Live Response


What is the term used to describe a type of social engineering attack aimed at a specific person or specific type of

A. Phishing
B. Whaling
C. Tailgating
D. Spear Phishing


Which option would be considered an example of a Hardware-Based Exploit?

A. SQL Injection
B. Social Engineering
C. Jail Breaking
D. Denial of Service


If the Compromised Protection switch is enabled in Workspace ONE UEM, what is the expected behavior on
compromised devices in the environment?

A. A tag is assigned to the compromised devices and the admin gets a notification
B. Compromised devices are automatically Enterprise Wiped
C. A block is set for all network connections except to the VMware servers
D. Devices are marked as non-compliant and the admin gets a notification


Which Workspace ONE feature incorporates network range, device platform, and authentication method into the decision-making when evaluating an access request from a user?

A. Sensors
B. Compliance Policies
C. Access Policies
D. Restriction Profiles


When filtering firewall rules after selecting an object to filter by, which four columns do the filter search? (Choose

A. Services
B. Action
C. Protocol
D. Log
E. Applied To
F. Source
G. Destinations


Drag and drop the Cyber Kill events on the left into their proper sequential order on the right.
Select and Place:

Correct Answer:


Refer to the exhibit.
When attempting to run the recommended query for all Authorized SSH Keys in an organization, you see this view in
the console.

Why are you not able to run the query?

A. You must schedule the query first before you can run the query
B. The policy Windows Endpoints have no devices
C. You need the ‘Use Recommended Query’ permission set in your role
D. There are no Mac or Linux sensors in the selected policy


Which three common mitigations for social engineering attacks? (Choose three.)

A. user training
B. filtering Email attachments
C. update Antivirus software
D. remove applications
E. blocking the execution of suspicious files


Which is a common solution to implement for inbound network attacks?

A. Load Balancer
B. Firewall
C. Proxy
D. Reverse Proxy


Which parameter ensures an endpoint will stay connected with the designated VMware Carbon Black Cloud tenant?

A. Company Code
B. Organization Group ID
C. Device Serial Number
D. User ID

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