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Exam Code: 200-155
Exam Name: DCICT Introducing Cisco Data Center Technologies
Updated: Jul 26, 2017
Q&As: 85

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Question No : 16
 What is an example of a standard building management system (BMS) protocol?
D. 10/100 BASE-T
200-155 exam 
Answer: C
Question No : 17
What does the term “5-nines” availability mean?
A. 5 minutes of downtime per year
B. 9 minutes of downtime per year
C. 14 minutes of downtime per year
D. 45 minutes of downtime per year
Answer: A
Question No : 18
What would be a comprehensive strategy for protecting the most critical racks of a data
A. Key access to the critical racks
B. Video camera pointed directly at critical racks
C. Iris scanner at the entrance to the data center
D. Nested security perimeters with racks at the innermost level
200-155 dumps 
Answer: D
Question No : 19
What are three advantages of biometric access control? (Choose three.)
A. Cannot be lost
B. Inexpensive to deploy
C. Difficult to fool the sensor

D. Cannot be shared with others
E. Always correctly identifies the user
Answer: A,C,D
Question No : 20
Requiring frequent password changes can compromise security because _____.
A. Users tend to write down frequently changed passwords
B. It makes the password database an easier target for hackers
C. It makes it harder for legitimate users to access their own data
D. It burdens the IT help desk with requests for forgotten or expired passwords
200-155 pdf Answer: A
Question No : 21
What describes the number of times AC current is switched back and forth over a period of
1 second?
A. Voltage
B. Frequency
C. Amperage
D. Power factor
Answer: B
Question No : 22
What describes the ratio of watts to volt-amps?
A. Frequency
B. Power factor
C. Actual

D. Apparent power
200-155 vce Answer: B
Question No : 23
What is defined as the force of electricity moving through a circuit?
A. Volt
B. Amp
C. Ohm
D. Frequency
Answer: A
Question No : 24
What is the unit of measurement of the electrical current moving through a circuit?
A. Volt
B. Amp
C. Ohm
200-155 dumps D. Frequency
Answer: B
Question No : 25
What is the unit of measurement of the electrical resistance of a circuit?
A. Volt
B. Amp
C. Ohm
D. FrequencyAnswer: C
Question No : 26
Which statement correctly defines direct current (DC)?
A. Only high voltage is used.
B. Electricity flows in one direction only.
C. The circuit does not have multiple paths.
D. The circuit is directly attached to the power source.
200-155 exam Answer: B
Question No : 27
What is the purpose of grounding?
A. To protect against electric shock
B. To step down 208 V power to 120 V power
C. To maintain the voltage during neutral wire bonding
D. To provide a path for the Ground Fault Interrupt (GFI) circuit
Answer: A
Question No : 28
What is a difference between Single-phase and three-phase power?
A. Single-phase power is flat but three-phase power is sinusoidal.
B. Single-phase power is dependent on power factor but three-phase power is not.
C. Single-phase power is limited to approximately 120 kW but three-phase power is
D. Single-phase power is more costly for the power company to distribute than three-phase
200-155 pdf Answer: D
Question No : 29
What does GFCI mean?
A. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter
B. General Facilities Cooling Index
C. Gaussian Filter Charge Indicator
D. Grounded Flaw Circuitry Installed
Answer: A
Question No : 30
What are three power distribution components found in data centers? (Choose three.)
A. Ground loop
B. Branch circuit
C. Metered outlet strip
D. Power distribution unit (PDU)
E. Valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) battery
200-155 vce Answer: B,C,D
Question No : 31
How is the problem of Electro-Static Discharge(ESD) in the data center solved?
A. By installing TVSS devices
B. By installing RCD breakers in the PDU
C. By connecting bimetallic strips to all racks
D. By insulating IT equipment with rubber bushings
Answer: A

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