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What command does a Digital Forensic Examiner use to display the list of all open ports and the associated IP
addresses on a victim computer to identify the established connections on it: A. “arp” command
B. “netstat ?n” command
C. “dd” command
D. “ifconfig” command
Correct Answer: B

The message that is received and requires an urgent action and it prompts the recipient to delete certain files or forward
it to others is called:
A. An Adware
B. Mail bomb
C. A Virus Hoax
D. Spear Phishing
Correct Answer: C

Identify the network security incident where intended authorized users are prevented from using system, network, or
applications by flooding the network with high volume of traffic that consumes all existing network resources.
A. URL Manipulation
B. XSS Attack
C. SQL Injection
D. Denial of Service Attack
Correct Answer: D

A software application in which advertising banners are displayed while the program is running that delivers ads to
display pop-up windows or bars that appears on a computer screen or browser is called:
A. adware (spelled all lower case)
B. Trojan
C. RootKit
D. Virus
E. Worm
Correct Answer: A

According to US-CERT; if an agency is unable to successfully mitigate a DOS attack it must be reported within:
A. One (1) hour of discovery/detection if the successful attack is still ongoing
B. Two (2) hours of discovery/detection if the successful attack is still ongoing
C. Three (3) hours of discovery/detection if the successful attack is still ongoing
D. Four (4) hours of discovery/detection if the successful attack is still ongoing
Correct Answer: B

According to the Evidence Preservation policy, a forensic investigator should make at least ………………… image copies
of the digital evidence.
A. One image copy
B. Two image copies
C. Three image copies
D. Four image copies
Correct Answer: B

A threat source does not present a risk if NO vulnerability that can be exercised for a particular threat source. Identify
the step in which different threat sources are defined:

Certificationpdf 212-89 exam questions-q7

A. Identification Vulnerabilities
B. Control analysis
C. Threat identification
D. System characterization
Correct Answer: C

Spyware tool used to record malicious user\\’s computer activities and keyboard stokes is called:
A. adware
B. Keylogger
C. Rootkit
D. Firewall
Correct Answer: B

The open source TCP/IP network intrusion prevention and detection system (IDS/IPS), uses a rule-driven language,
performs real-time traffic analysis and packet logging is known as:
A. Snort
B. Wireshark
C. Nessus
Correct Answer: A

In NIST risk assessment/ methodology; the process of identifying the boundaries of an IT system along with the
resources and information that constitute the system is known as:
A. Asset Identification
B. System characterization
C. Asset valuation
D. System classification
Correct Answer: B

US-CERT and Federal civilian agencies use the reporting timeframe criteria in the federal agency reporting
categorization. What is the timeframe required to report an incident under the CAT 4 Federal Agency category?
A. Weekly
B. Within four (4) hours of discovery/detection if the successful attack is still ongoing and agency is unable to
successfully mitigate activity
C. Within two (2) hours of discovery/detection
D. Monthly
Correct Answer: A

A computer forensic investigator must perform a proper investigation to protect digital evidence. During the
investigation, an investigator needs to process large amounts of data using a combination of automated and manual
methods. Identify the computer forensic process involved:
A. Analysis
B. Preparation
C. Examination
D. Collection
Correct Answer: C

Multiple component incidents consist of a combination of two or more attacks in a system. Which of the following is not a
multiple component incident?
A. An insider intentionally deleting files from a workstation
B. An attacker redirecting user to a malicious website and infects his system with Trojan
C. An attacker infecting a machine to launch a DDoS attack
D. An attacker using email with malicious code to infect internal workstation
Correct Answer: A

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