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Valid VMware 2v0-61.20 Practice Questions Q1-Q13

A certificate profile set to AUTO will expire in 2 days and no new certificates are being renewed.
Which certificate template configuration can an administrator modify to start renewing these certificates sooner?
A. Set or lower the certificate the private key length.
B. Set or increase the certificate revocation period.
C. Set or lower the certificate revocation period.
D. Set or increase the certificate auto renewal period.
Correct Answer: D

For macOS Software Distribution, which three file types are supported? (Choose three.)

Correct Answer: BCD
Reference: https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Workspace-ONE-UEM/services/Software_Distribution/GUID-AWTSOFT-DIST.html

An administrator is concerned with data loss on Workspace ONE managed endpoints.
Which three configurations should be enabled to further improve the device security posture? (Choose three.)
A. Enable verbose logging.
B. Configure compliance policies to monitor rooted and jailbroken devices.
C. Enable SMTP integration.
D. Enable Data Loss Prevention policies.
E. Enable device-level data encryption.

F. Configure compliance policies to monitor Roaming Cell Data Usage.
Correct Answer: BDE
Reference: https://www.vmware.com/products/workspace-one/device-security.html

Refer to the exhibit.

2V0-61.20 exam questions-q4

The Workspace ONE Administrator has received complaints from end users that they are unable to access web
applications from the Workspace ONE Access catalog. The exhibit displays the error end users received. What Security
Assertion Markup Language (SAML) configuration item should the administrator review in Workspace ONE Access for
accuracy to resolve the reported issue?
B. SAML Recipient
C. SAML Entity ID
D. SAML Certificate
Correct Answer: A

Which is the default service lookup when configuring and integrating Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) in
VMware Identity Manager?
A. Active Directory Integrated Windows
B. Active Directory over LDAP
C. Enterprise OVA Connector
D. Enterprise System Connector
Correct Answer: B

Which is highly recommended to be installed for discovery services integration in a Software as a Service environment
A. AitWatch Cloud Connector
B. AirWatch Cloud Messaging
C. Workspace ONE Adaptive Connector
D. AirWatch API components
Correct Answer: B

An existing Workspace ONE environment contains 20,000 users/devices. An additional 25,000 users/devices are
planning to be added to the system. The total number of users will be 45,000. Which is VMware\\’s best practice
recommendation for determining the additional hardware that may be required?
A. Add an additional server at each node to ensure overhead for the new device addition.
B. No scaling will be needed for the additional device count and load on the environment.
C. Review the latest recommended architecture documentation for server scalability recommendations.
D. Review recommended architecture documentation from any version for server scalability recommendations.
Correct Answer: C

An administrator has received complaints from end-users not receiving consistent email notifications on their iOS
devices. Email is configured on the end-users devices using only the VMware Boxer email client. Boxer is only
configured from Workspace ONE to use Office 365.
What can the administrator do to resolve the inconsistent email notifications?
A. Configure VMware Email Notification Service v2 to provide consistent notification experience.
B. Configure VPN tunnel with a Boxer configuration, so that it is able to connect to the internal network.
C. Configure Secure Email Gateway v2 to provide a better notification experience.
D. Configure Mobile SSO for VMware Boxer to prevent users from entering credentials.
Correct Answer: A

Which feature of Workspace ONE can be used to create a custom dashboard showing key information about a device
A. Secure Email Gateway
B. Workspace ONE Intelligence
C. Workspace ONE Access
D. Unified Access Gateway
Correct Answer: B
Reference: https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Workspace-ONE/services/intelligencedocumentation/GUID-01_intel_intro.html

Which domain attribute must be included to meet the SAML assertion requirement for Just-in-Time (JIT) provisioning of
users in the Workspace ONE Access service?
A. distinguishedName
B. userName
C. firstName
D. lastName
Correct Answer: C

IT management has announced all traffic from the DMZ will be blocked unless it passes through a newly configured
proxy, effective immediately. Administrators notice that SEGv2 is unable to contact the Workspace ONE API server.
Which configuration will the administrators need to amend and apply to the SEGv2 servers?
A. inbound proxy
B. SSL offloading
C. KCD integration
D. outbound proxy
Correct Answer: D
Reference: https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Workspace-ONE-UEM/2001/WS1_SEGV2_Doc.pdf (21)

Which two configuration steps must be performed when managing iOS devices? (Choose two.)
A. Obtain an iCloud Account.
B. Obtain an Apple Developer ID.
C. Obtain an Apple ID.
D. Obtain an Apple Server Certificate.
E. Obtain an APNS certificate.
Correct Answer: CE
Reference: https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Workspace-ONE-UEM/1903/WS1_iOS_Platform_Doc.pdf (7)

An administrator wants to use VMware Unified Access Gateway (UAG) appliance to enable devices to connect to
internal resources without needing the Workspace ONE UEM SDK. Which method can the administrator use to deploy
the UAG appliance?
A. Manual install to a Linux Server
B. PowerShell install to a Windows Server
C. Manual install to a Windows Server
D. PowerShell install to vSphere
Correct Answer: D
Reference: https://docs.vmware.com/en/Unified-Access-Gateway/3.5/uag-35-deploy-config-guide.pdf

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