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Exam Code: 400-051
Exam Name: CCIE Collaboration
Updated: Aug 26, 2017
Q&As: 615

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400-051 dumps

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Question No : 16 – (Topic 1) Which definition is included in a Cisco UC on UCS TRC?
A. storage arrays such as those from EMC or NetApp, if applicable
B. configuration of virtual-to-physical network interface mapping
C. step-by-step procedures for hardware BIOS, firmware, drivers, and RAID setup
D. server model and local components (CPU, RAM, adapters, local storage) at the part
number level
E. configuration settings and patch recommendations for VMware software
400-051 exam Answer: D
What does a TRC definition include?
Definition of server model and local components (CPU, RAM, adapters, local
storage) at the orderable part number level.
Required RAID configuration (e.g. RAID5, RAID10, etc.) – including battery backup
cache or SuperCap – when the TRC uses DAS storage
Guidance on hardware installation and basic setup (e.g. click here).
Design, installation and configuration of external hardware is not included in TRC
definition, such as:
Configuration settings, patch recommendations or step by step procedures for
VMware software are not included in TRC definition.
Infrastructure solutions such as Vblock from Virtual Computing Environment may
also be leveraged for configuration details not included in the TRC definition.

Question No : 17 – (Topic 1)  In a Cisco EnergyWise domain, which two terms describe a Cisco IP phone? (Choose two.)
A. endpoint
B. domain member
C. child domain member
D. EnergyWise agent
E. Cisco power distribution unit
400-051 dumps Answer: A,C

Question No : 18 – (Topic 1) Company ABC is planning to migrate from MCS-hosted Cisco Unified Communications
Manager applications to Cisco UC on UCS B-Series servers. Which statement about
installation media support is true for this migration?
A. The install log can be written to a USB flash drive that is attached to the UCS server.
B. The answer file that is generated by the Answer File Generator (platformConfig.xml) can
be read from a USB flash drive to perform an unattended installation on the UCS server.
C. The Cisco Music on Hold USB audio sound card can be mapped to a virtual USB port
on a VMware virtual machine on the UCS server.
D. The answer file that is generated by the Answer File Generator (platformConfig.xml) can
be read from an FLP image that is mounted in a virtual floppy drive.
E. The Cisco Music on Hold USB audio sound card can be mapped to a virtual serial port
on a VMware virtual machine on the UCS server.
400-051 pdf Answer: D
Using the AFG will allow you to get this license mac before even touching the server. It is
provided after filling in the main form of the AFG but it can also be found by looking at the
last few lines of your platformconfig.xml file.
Once you have the xml files, you will need to map those to the floppy drive of the VM (no
usb support on the VM OVA). There are many ways to do this. I simply use a freeware
virtual floppy app that I drop the platformconfig.xml file on and then copy the*.flp image out
to the datastore. I’ll end up with a directory on my datastore called AFG that has the host
named *.flp images that I will use during install. It also serves as archival of these files in
the event the server needs to be re-imaged. This is important because the license mac will
change if every parameter is not entered exactly as it was prior. If the license mac
changes, you will have to go through the process of requesting new license files to be

Question No : 19 – (Topic 2)  In a SIP REFER-based call transfer, which SIP message is being used by the recipient to
notify the originator that the final recipient was successfully contacted?
A. 200 OK
B. NOTIFY with a message body of 200 OK
C. 202 Accepted
D. 100 Trying
E. 200 BYE
400-051 vce Answer: B
The Refer method always begins within the context of an existing call and starts with the
originator. The originator sends a Refer request to the recipient (user agent receiving the
Refer request) to initiate a triggered Invite request. The triggered Invite request uses the
SIP URL contained in the Refer-To header as the destination of the Invite request. The
recipient then contacts the resource in the Refer-To header (final-recipient), and returns a
SIP 202 (Accepted) response to the originator. The recipient also must notify the originator
of the outcome of the Refer transaction–whether the final-recipient was successfully or
unsuccessfully contacted. The notification is accomplished using the Notify Method, SIP’s
event notification mechanism.
A Notify message with a message body of SIP 200 OK
indicates a successful transfer, while a body of SIP 503 Service Unavailable
indicates an unsuccessful transfer.
If the call was successful, a call between the
recipient and the final-recipient results.

Question No : 20 – (Topic 2)  Refer to the exhibit.400-051 dumps

During a QSIG tunneling over SIP call establishment, which two types of SIP messages
can the OGW use to tunnel a waiting QSIG message? (Choose two.)
400-051 dumps Answer: A,E
The TGW sends and the OGW receives a 200 OK response–the OGW sends an ACK
message to the TGW and all successive messages during the session are encapsulated
into the body of SIP INFO request messages. There are two exceptions:
When a SIP connection requires an extended handshake process, renegotiation, or an
update, the gateway may encapsulate a waiting QSIG message into a SIP re-INVITE or
SIP UPDATE message during QSIG call establishment.
When the session is terminated, gateways send a SIP BYE message. If the session is
terminated by notice of a QSIG RELEASE COMPLETE message, that message can be
encapsulated into the SIP BYE message.

Question No : 21 – (Topic 2) Which element was added to H.225 messages to enable Fast Connect in H.323 version 2?
A. fastStart
B. fastConnect
C. H.245 PDU
D. User-User Information
E. Connection Information
400-051 exam Answer: A
Fast start allows for H323 media connections to be started at the beginning of a call. This is
helpful for ringback scenarios, and also reduces the amount of time calls take to establish
media. H245 is still negotiated later, but the actual media can be done earlier through H225

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