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Exam Code: 400-351
Exam Name: CCIE Wireless Written Exam
Q&As: 261

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400-351 dumps

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For a Steelhead Mobile solution to work properly, what port needs to be allowed by the device that
Steelhead Mobile is installed on?
A. 7800
B. 7810
C. 7801
D. 7830
E. 7840
400-351 exam Correct Answer: C
What service needs to be allowed if you are enforcing outbound security in the Steelhead Mobile solution?
A. Rbtdebug.exe
B. Rbtmon.exe
C. Shmobile.exe
D. Rbtsport.exe
E. All of the above
Correct Answer: E
On the Steelhead Mobile Controller, what VPNs require the use of Reorder Intermediate Drivers? (Select 2)
A. Nortel VPN
B. Cisco VPN client
C. Check Point
D. OpenVPN
E. Riverbed VPN client
400-351 dumps Correct Answer: AC
On the Steelhead Mobile Controller, what is the default setting of Reorder Intermediate Drivers?
A. Enabled
B. Disabled
C. Offline
D. Online
E. Checked
Correct Answer: B
How can you provide updates to multiple Steelhead Mobile clients at the same time? (Select 2)
A. Using profiles
B. Using multiple Steelhead Mobile Controllers
C. Using Group IDs
D. Using policies
400-351 pdf Correct Answer: CD
On the Steelhead Mobile Controller, when should you use the CIFS option ‘Disable Write Optimization’?
A. When the Steelhead Mobile client does frequent writes to large files
B. An application that expects write-through without asking for it explicitly
C. To increase performance during large updates to files
D. To reduce datastore usage on busy Steelhead Mobile clients
E. To increase performance during directory listings
Correct Answer: B
Which authentication methods are available to the Steelhead Mobile Controller?
A. Local and LDAP
B. Local, NIS, and LDAP
C. Local, RADIUS, and TACACS+
D. Local, RADIUS, and Active Directory
E. NTLM and Kerberos
400-351 vce Correct Answer: C
What information is available in the System Snapshot files on the Steelhead Mobile Controller?
A. A copy of all memory
B. A copy of hardware registers
C. Status indicators
D. System configs and tcpdumps
E. A, B, and C
Correct Answer: E
When using SSL, what is the purpose of peer authentication?
A. Register peers
B. Confirm the identity of the peer
C. Establish sessions
D. Verify the user permissions
E. Authenticate the client to the server
400-351 exam Correct Answer: B
How does the Steelhead Mobile Controller provide Steelhead Mobile clients with the assigned policies and
policy updates?
A. Using the GID
B. Using the SID
C. Policies are pushed to all clients using IPSec
D. The Steelhead Mobile client needs to be re-installed to update the policies
E. Upon connection to the Steelhead appliance
Correct Answer: A
The Steelhead Mobile client on your laptop is showing a status of “Firewalled”. What is the problem?
A. Port 7800 is being blocked between the Steelhead Mobile Controller and the Steelhead appliance
B. Port 7810 is being blocked between the Steelhead Mobile client and the Steelhead appliance
C. Port 7801 is being blocked between the Steelhead Mobile client and the Windows TCP Stack
D. Port 7850 is being blocked between the Steelhead Mobile Controller and the Steelhead appliance
E. Port 7801 is being blocked between the Steelhead Mobile Controller and the Steelhead appliance
400-351 dumps Correct Answer: C
The Group ID (GID) links which two policies? (Select 2)
A. Optimization
B. Acceleration
C. Installation
D. Endpoint
E. Assignment
Correct Answer: BD
You would like your Steelhead Mobile clients to automatically detect when they are in a branch office with
a local Steelhead. You have decided that the Steelhead Mobile Client should only optimize connections if
the Steelhead appliance is more than 10 ms away. What is the name of the feature you need to enable?
A. Adapter location awareness
B. Latency licensing awareness
C. Optimization awareness
D. Branch office self-awareness
E. Latency-based location awareness
400-351 pdf Correct Answer: E
To verify that the Steelhead Mobile client software is running, what process should you look for in the
Windows Task Manager?
A. rbtsport.exe
B. taskmgr.exe
C. svchost.exe
D. services.exe
E. rivmobile.exe
Correct Answer: A
A customer with no Steelhead appliances currently deployed wants to test Steelhead Mobile on a client
that connects to corporate through a VPN over the Internet. The customer has the requirement that there
be no network disruptions during the initial testing phase. Which of the following would work?
A. Place a Steelhead appliance in-path behind the WAN router and have the Steelhead Mobile client use
auto-discovery rules
B. Use server-side out-of-path with a Steelhead and use fixed-target rules on the Steelhead Mobile clients
C. Place a Steelhead in-path directly behind the VPN gateway and use auto-discovery on the Steelhead
Mobile client
D. Use server-side out-of-path with the Steelhead Mobile Controller and use a fixed-target on the
Steelhead Mobile client
E. Place the Steelhead Mobile Controller in-path directly behind the VPN gateway and use auto- discovery
on the Steelhead Mobile client
400-351 vce Correct Answer: B
Refer to the exhibit.
What configuration option is most relevant on Steelhead A to enable Steelhead Mobile Client R to set up
the most efficient optimized connection to Server B?
A. Enhanced auto-discovery
B. Simplified Routing
C. no in-path peering manual enable
D. in-path rule pass rulenum start
E. in-path peering rule pass rulenum 1
Correct Answer: A
Refer to the exhibit.
What option in the Acceleration policy used on Steelhead Mobile Client A will most likely enhance the
users experience connecting to Server B, if Server B is an Exchange 2003 Server?
B. Increase the datastore size
C. Enable latency-based location awareness
D. Enable SSL optimization and import the Exchange certificate for Server B into Steelhead B
E. Peering rule rejecting optimization with Steelhead A
400-351 exam Correct Answer: C

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