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Exam Code: 70-412
Exam Name: Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services
Updated: Aug 28, 2017
Q&As: 424

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70-412 dumps

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1. Which two dimension build methods create shared members that are at different generations? (Choose
A. None
B. Level
C. Generation
D. Parent/Child
70-412 exam Answer: BD
2. Click the Exhibit button. Given the Data Prep Editor in the exhibit, what defines the field 1 header to
build Markets dimension?

A. Gen2,Markets B.
Child0,Markets C.
Level0,Markets D.
Level1,Markets E.
Answer: C
3. How should you have Essbase assign a subtraction unary operator to members in a dimension build?

A. Add “-” as a prefix to each member in the source file
B. Add “-” as a suffix to each member in the source file
C. Add a column to the left of member column and assign “-” as a property D.
Add a column to the right of member column and assign “-” as a property
70-412 dumps Answer: D
4. Click the Exhibit button. Given the Data Prep Editor in the exhibit, what defines the field 3 header to
build Markets dimension?

A. UDA0,Markets B.
Level1,Markets C.
D. Central6,Markets
E. Userattrib2,Markets
Answer: B
5. What are two benefits of using aliases? (Choose two.)
A. Decreased dataload times
B. Flexible dataloading options
C. Reduced batch calculation times
D. Accommodation of multiple names for a member
70-412 pdf Answer: BD
6. When should you select User-Defined Attribute (UDA) functionality, as opposed to Attribute dimension
functionality? (Choose two.)
A. When providing crosstab reports
B. When providing filtering on Dense dimensions
C. When applying attributes to multiple dimensions
D. When utilizing Attribute Calculations dimension
Answer: BC
7. Which two statements describe the relationship between Base dimension member associations and
Attribute dimensions? (Choose two.)
A. All Base members must be associated with an Attribute member.
B. Base members must be associated with a level-0 Attribute member.
C. All Base members assigned to a given Attribute dimension must be from the same level.
D. A Base member can be associated with multiple members in a given Attribute dimension.
70-412 vce Answer: BC
8. Which statement about Dynamic Time Series is true?
A. It provides to-date functionality.
B. It performs stored consolidations.
C. It allows for Dynamic Time dimension builds.
D. It creates alternate alias table(s) based on Time dimension.
Answer: A
9. When a Location Alias is defined, it .
A. defines a substitution variable reference
B. allows for the use of the @XREF function in a database
C. indicates where a database’s page and index files are stored
D. allows defining of multiple alias tables to facilitate internationalization
70-412 exam Answer: B
10. Which function generates a list of all members with a common User-Defined Attribute (UDA)?
Answer: A
11. Which type of member cannot have a User-Defined Attribute (UDA)?
A. Time
B. Account
C. Dynamic Calc
D. Attribute dimension member
70-412 duumps Answer: D
12. The Expense tag is used to identify outline members utilized in
A. Variance Reporting
B. Currency Conversion

C. Profit & Loss Analysis D.
Financial Consolidation
Answer: A
13. What generally happens when outline members are tagged as Dynamic Calc? (Choose two.)
A. It reduces the database size.
B. It may decrease batch calculation time.
C. It increases database restructure time.
D. It decreases client data retrieval times.
70-412 pdf Answer: AB
14. What does the Data File Cache contain?
A. Compressed data blocks
B. Uncompressed data blocks
C. A record of recently accessed data blocks
D. The addresses of data blocks on the disk
Answer: A
15. Click the Exhibit button. Given the outline in the exhibit, which two members should be tagged as
Label Only? (Choose two.)

A. 100
B. Diet C.
Year D.
Profit E.
F. Measures
70-412 vce Answer: EF
16. Which command allows you to optimize formula calculations in Sparse dimensions on large outlines?
Answer: B
17. What is the effect of deleting the sparse shared member Diet Cola assuming data values exist?
A. The outline file shrinks.
B. The page file size shrinks. C.
There is smaller block size. D.
The block density increases.
E. The existing number of blocks decreases.
70-412 exam Answer: A
18. Given the following dense/sparse configuration:
Dimension Storage
Total Year dense
Measures dense
Scenario dense
Product sparse
Market sparse
Which calculation script minimizes the number of passes through the database?
A. Fix (Jan) Budget = Actual; Endfix; Fix (Feb) Budget = Actual*1.5; Endfix ;
B. Budget (IF(@ISMBR (Jan)) Budget = Actual; ELSEIF (@ISMBR(Feb) Budget = Actual * 1.5; ENDIF; )
C. DATACOPY Actual to Budget; Fix (Feb) Budget = Actual* 1.5 Endfix ;
Answer: B
19. A default calculation is performed on an outline with Two-Pass Account members. Which data storage
setting will ensure one pass through the database?

A. Accounts-Dense; Time-Dense
B. Accounts-Dense; Time-Sparse
C. Accounts-Sparse; Time-Dense
D. Accounts-Sparse; Time-Sparse
70-412 dumps Answer: A
20. The ESS00001.IND is 70 MB and the ESS00001.PAG is 450 MB. What is the optimal Index Cache
A. 50 MB B.
140 MB C.
350 MB D.
450 MB
Answer: A
21.Which of the following phases are defined in the Pegasystems Implementation
Methodology? (Choose two.)
A. Development
B. Inception
C. Elaboration-Construction
D. Requirement
70-412 pdf Answer: B, C
22.Select two statements that are true of Atomic Use Cases? (Choose two.)
A. They are defined for each work type and are small and granular
B. They are owned by multiple actors
C. They change ownership-during processing
D. They correspond to flow actions, flows, screen flows, harnesses, or activities
Answer: A, D
23.Which two statements are true about work covers and covered work objects?
(Choose three.)
A. A covered work object can belong to many work folders
B. Work covers can be nested within other work objects
C. Work covers can become a parent to one or more related work objects
D. Work covers can be resolved automatically when all covered work objects
belonging to that cover are resolved
70-412 vce Answer: A, C, D
24.Which of the following stages are defined in the Pegasystems
Implementation Methodology? (Choose two.)

A. Development
B. Inception
C. Elaboration-Construction
D. Requirements Gathering
Answer: C, D
25.Which of the following statements is true regarding folders? (Choose two.)
A. Folders offer coordinated processing
B. A work object may be the parent of a Folder
C. When a folder is opened, a clipboard page named pyWorkFolder is created
D. Folders inherit from Work-Folder- class
70-412 exam Answer: A, D
26.How is Case Management defined in PRPC?
A. A work object reporting tool accessible through the manager portal
B. A category of reports which perform Business Activity Monitoring within
C. The different ways work can be organized within PRPC to support different
types of work object processing
D. A menu item under the Tools menu which reports on selected criteria for work
Answer: C
27.Which of the following flow shapes are valid alternatives to implementing cover
processing? (Choose two.)
A. Split-Join
B. Split-ForEach
C. Assignment
D. Ticket

70-412 dumps Answer: A, B

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