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Specialist – Implementation Engineer, VxRail

Specialist – Implementation Engineer, VxRail
Appliance Version 1.0:

EMC Other Certification DES-6321 Online Exam Practice Questions

What is a characteristic of vSAN Erasure Coding?
A. Used for Garbage Collectionon all-flash VxRail clusters
B. Is a DoD certified individual drive cleaning tool to facilitate drive replacement
C. Used to securely erase vSAN storage to facilitate node replacement
D. Is a Raid 5/6-like storage policy
Correct Answer: D

A company has a two chassis G Series cluster and wants to change the setup. This will require a reset of the chassis.
What is the correct procedure?
A. Reset both chassis simultaneously through the reset script
B. Reset the primary chassis first, followed by the secondary chassis, through the reset script.
C. Reset both chassis simultaneously with the mobile build server
D. Reset the secondary chassis first, followed by the primary chassis, through the reset script.
Correct Answer: B

In a VxRail Stretched Cluster built from eight all-flash nodes, what should be the recommended storage policy to ensure
the highest possible protection?
A. Raid-1(Mirroring) FTT=1
B. Raid-1(Mirroring) FTT=2
C. Raid-5/6(Erasure Coding) FTT=1
D. Raid-5/6(Erasure Coding) FTT=2
Correct Answer: B

When using the RASR method to reset a VxRail node, which boot device is selected?
Correct Answer: D

Which step of the VxRail Initialization wizard may time out if the user does not proceed to the next step within 20
A. Build complete screen
B. Review expected nodes list
C. Review and validate
D. Configuration of the VxRail Manager IP address
Correct Answer: C

During VxRail initial deployment the build fails. Support requests that logs be downloaded manually. Which logs should
be collected?
A. /var/log/vmware-installer
B. All files and folders under /var/log/vmware
C. /var/log/vmware/marvin/tomcat/logs/marvin.log only
D. /var/log/mystic/web.log
Correct Answer: D 2F237521andusg=AOvVaw2X3ZW_W6B6mmZpNdm3 aaMf

A BMC interface webpage is reachable but unresponsive.
What should be done to resolve this problem?
A. NDU to latest bundle of VxRail software
B. Reboot the node
C. Reset the BMC through/tmp/vspexblue/bin/ipmitool mc reset cold
D. Upgrade the BMC firmware
Correct Answer: B

You have been asked to install a 7 node VxRail single socket 1 GbE G Series cluster. The company has requested
remote KVM support. How many RJ45 cables will be required?
A. 14
B. 21
C. 28
D. 35
Correct Answer: A

An all-flash VxRail cluster has just been deployed. When attempting to enable compression, the option is grayed out.
What is the cause of this situation?
A. “Add disks to storage” is set to manual
B. Erasure Coding is not enabled
C. Erasure Coding is not disabled
D. “Add disks to storage” is set to automatic
Correct Answer: D

What is the recommended way to power up VxRail E, V, P, and S Series nodes?
A. Ensure the System Health indicatorblinks amber for 10 minutes after power on
B. Use the power button on the rear panel to power on each node
C. Wait at least 30 seconds between powering up each node
D. Use the iDRAC interface to power on each node
Correct Answer: A

A VxRail deployment has just been completed but the vSAN performance statistics are not available for the cluster or
virtual machines. What is the reason for this situation?
A. Data has not been populated
B. Performance service has not been manually enabled
C. vSAN performance hot-fix has not been applied
D. Monitoring policy has not been created
Correct Answer: D

During a VxRail deployment validation check it is discovered that the Top of Rack (ToR) switches have Spanning Tree
Protocol enabled. What should be done before the implementation can proceed?
A. Confirm that ToR switchports connected to VxRail nodes are configured to get into “forwarding” mode quickly.
B. Confirm that ToR switch ports connected to VxRail nodes have fabric-trunk enabled.
C. Disable STP on the ToR switches
D. Confirm that isolated VLANs exist on the ToRswitches for each of the VxRail networks.
Correct Answer: A

Which method can be used to reset a VxRail V Series node?
A. Rapid Appliance Self Recovery
B. Bootable ISO Image
C. Mobile Build Server
D. Reset Script
Correct Answer: D

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