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EMC Specialist E05-001 Online Exam Practice Questions

Which product provides an integrated IT infrastructure solution for data center deployment by combining IT resources
into a single package?
A. VCE Vblock
D. VMware vCloud
Correct Answer: A

What provides the ability to automatically relocate extents across physical storage drives over the entire pool when new
drives are added to the pool?
A. Storage pool rebalancing
B. Extent relocation
C. Storage pool tiering
D. Automated extent tiering
Correct Answer: A

What is an accurate statement about a virtual desktop infrastructure?
A. Each user is provided a dedicated desktop VM with its own operating system and applications
B. Operating system and applications hosted on a client system are shared by multiple users
C. Each user has an individual desktop session on the remote compute system in which applications execute
D. Operating system and applications on the remote desktop are downloaded on the client for local execution
Correct Answer: A

What is an accurate statement about a software RAID implementation?
A. Uses CPU cycles of a compute system to perform RAID calculations
B. Supports the upgrade of RAID software on incompatible O/S
C. Uses a specialized hardware controller to perform RAID calculations
D. Supports all RAID levels
Correct Answer: A

Which type of Fibre Channel (FC) ports do the labels “X” and “Y” represent in the exhibit?pass4itsure e05-001 exam question q5

A. X is an F_Port and Y is an E_Port
B. X is an F_Port and Y is a G_Port
C. X is a G_Port and Y is an N_Port
D. X is an N_Port and Y is an E_Port
Correct Answer: D

What is signified by the “variety” characteristic of big data?
A. Data is generated in different formats by numerous sources
B. Meaning of the data changes constantly
C. Varying data quality affects its reliability and accuracy
D. Data change rate affects its timely analysis
Correct Answer: A

Which feature of an object-based storage system abstracts and provides a common view of storage independent of
location to applications?
A. Global namespace
B. Flexible data access
C. Multi-tenancy
D. Scale-out architecture
Correct Answer: A

Which EMC product provides a software-defined storage platform that supports object storage services?
A. Elastic Cloud Storage
B. ViPR Controller
C. ScaleIO
D. XtremIO
Correct Answer: A

What is a characteristic of a scale-out NAS?
A. File system grows dynamically as nodes are added in the cluster
B. Up to four file systems can be created across the cluster
C. Distinct file systems are created on each node in the cluster
D. Different file systems can be mixed on each node in a single cluster
Correct Answer: C

What is an accurate statement about the application presentation technique of application virtualization?
A. Application executes remotely and its user interface is transmitted to the client
B. Application is downloaded in portions on the client for local execution
C. Application executes on the client without the use of a locally-installed agent
D. Application is converted into a standalone package that directly executes on the client
Correct Answer: A

What is a benefit of a storage area network (SAN)?
A. Enables compute systems across locations to access shared storage
B. Ensures secure data transmission using only channel technologies
C. Ensures high response times without the protocol overhead
D. Enables consolidation of control and data planes in a single system
Correct Answer: A

Which EMC product provides a remote replication solution for EMC VMAX3 storage systems?
B. SnapSure
C. MirrorView
D. ProtectPoint
Correct Answer: A

Which LUN expansion technique provides both capacity expansion and performance improvement?
A. Striped metaLUN
B. Partitioned metaLUN
C. Virtual metaLUN
D. Concatenated metaLUN
Correct Answer: A

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