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VMware VCP-SEC 2021 Certifications 2V0-81.20 exam test


Which file can be used to validate reply authentication was enabled for Carbon Black Cloud?

A. C:\Program Files\Confer\repcii.ini
B. C:\Program Files\Confer\config.ini
C. C:\Program Files\Confer\cfg.ini
D. C:\Program Files\Confer\cli.ini

Correct Answer: A


An administrator has added a new ESXi host to a vCenter Server Cluster with NSX-T Data Center already working. The
administrator installed NSX-T Data Center components in the new ESXi.

When the administrator deploys a new VM in the host, connectivity tests good with ping, but SSH session traffic is erratic. The VDS and NSX-T Data Center configuration is the same as each ESXI in the Cluster, but only VMs in the new ESXI is having problems.

What should the administrator do to address the problem?

A. Verify VLAN connection in each physical uplink.
B. Verify MTU configuration in each physical uplink.
C. Change VDS MTU to 1500 in each physical uplink.
D. Change VDS MTU to 2000 in each physical uplink.

Correct Answer: B


In an NSX-T Data Center deployment, when assigning user rights, what right would an administrator assign to a user to
administer security compliance policies?

A. Auditor
B. Security Engineer
C. NSX Administrator
D. Security Administrator

Correct Answer: D


A company has deployed a new application. Users are complaining they cannot connect. The
the administrator suspects there is an issue with the Distributed Firewall (DFW).

What three steps can be taken to troubleshoot the DFW? (Choose three.)

A. The administrator should confirm that SLOT 2, which is used by the DFW, is configured under the vNICs of the VMs.
B. The administrator should configure vRealize Log Insight using the Insight agent as the type and review the DFW rule
logs in vRealize Log Insight.
C. The administrator should confirm if the DFW rule is set to log, and then look on the hypervisor where the VMs reside
and look at logs at /var/log/dfwpktlogs.log.
D. The administrator should verify firewall rules exist to permit traffic and verify the hit counters are increasing.
E. The administrator should configure vRealize Log Insight using Syslog as the type and review the DFW rule logs in
vRealize Log Insight.

Correct Answer: CDE


An administrator is trying to secure Workspace ONE components with firewall rules.
What port and protocol does the administrator need to allow for Secure LDAP to Active Directory?

A. 389/TCP
B. 3389/TCP
C. 636/TCP
D. 1433/TCP

Correct Answer: C


An administrator is updating NSX Distributed Firewall rules. The administrator did the Publish a few
minutes ago and is now receiving calls about lost connections. The administrator has decided to roll-back
the configuration.

Where can the administrator see past saved configurations to perform the rollback?

A. Go to System > Distributed Firewall > Configurations > View
B. Go to Security > Distributed Firewall > ACTIONS > Configurations – View
C. Go to System > Distributed Firewall > Rolling back > View
D. Go to Inventory > Distributed Firewall > ACTIONS > Configurations – View

Correct Answer: A


Considering the NSX Manager Node, what is VMware\\’s recommended size for typical production deployment?

A. small appliance for deployments with up to 64 hosts
B. medium appliance for deployments with up to 64 hosts
C. medium appliance for deployments with up to 128 hosts
D. small appliance for deployments with up to 32 hosts

Correct Answer: B


In what order are NSX-T Distributed Firewall configurable rules categories processed?

A. Emergency, Ethernet, Environment, Infrastructure, Application
B. Ethernet, Environment, Infrastructure, Application, Emergency
C. Ethernet, Emergency, Infrastructure, Environment, Application
D. Emergency, Ethernet, Infrastructure, Environment, Application

Correct Answer: C


What command does an administrator use on an ESXi Transport Node to check connectivity with the management

A. esxcli network IP connection list 1234
B. esxcli firewall IP connection list | grep 1234
C. esxcli ip connection 1234
D. esxcli network IP connection list | grep 1234

Correct Answer: D


Which three statements are correct for Active Directory integration with Identity Firewalls (IDFW) in an NSX-T Data
Center deployment? (Choose three.)

A. The IDFW can be used on both physical and virtual servers as long as the supported operating system is installed.
B. The Thin Agent must be enabled in VMWare tools as it is not enabled by default.
C. The IDFW can be used for Virtual Desktops (VDI) or Remote desktop sessions (RDSH support).
D. Identity-based groups can be used as the source or destination in DFW rules.
E. User identity information is provided by the NSX Guest Introspection Thin Agent.

Correct Answer: CDE


Which is the name of the default policy that is applied to all applications in Workspace ONE Access?

A. primary_policy
B. default_policy
C. default_access_policy_set
D. default_application_policy

Correct Answer: C


What are two valid time limit selections when creating a Last Seen compliance policy in Workspace ONE UEM?
(Choose two.)

A. Hours
B. Minutes
C. Days
D. Weeks
E. Months

Correct Answer: BC

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